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Servicios prestados

Diplomatic Leaders Development Program - programming planning and deployment, including mentoring, leading sessions, curriculum development, technological enhancements, operations, etc.

Marketing & Outreach - create and develop collateral to support the organization internally and externally, supporting events with flyers, developing newsletters, sending thank you notes to donors, updating the website, etc.  

Fundraising - support the organization in fundraising efforts in planning events, campaigns, and other actives to raise funds to support operations and programming

IT & Operations - assist the organization in setting up and maintaining an IT infrastructure including email, telephony, security, M365 licenses, CRM, and supporting technology for programming 

Social Media - create engaging posts across platforms to build an audience and to grow their interest in the organization, develop a social media plan to increase DP's footprint.

Programs & Events - plan and execute ad hoc programs and events including but not limited to social mixers, webinars, school visits, fundraisers, wellness events, etc. 

Finance & Accounting - assist the finance committee and the treasure in managing the financial systems ensuring financial good standing as an organization. 

Research & Data Outcomes - provide research to support the program problem state, build out theory of change, and develop outcomes to test and prove. Share research through publications, white papers, webinars, and other related channels 

Community engagement - plan volunteer events to engage the community with Diplomatic Perspective with other organizations, schools, and community members 

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