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Construyendo puentes en un mundo interconectado.

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Happy 2024!

Celebrating Five Years of Diplomatic Perspective!

5 years of impact, 5 years of growth, and 5 years of change making.


Diplomatic Perspective seeks funds to empower Black students with their first US passport, fostering global exploration and shaping the future's diverse diplomatic leaders.


Donations will go the Diplomatic Leaders Development Program (DLDP) is a 6-month program geared towards developing 11th and 12th-grade high school students within the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area into global citizens. DLDP hosts cultural sessions, skills institutes, and international volunteer projects. Among invaluable education and connections, students receive required community service hours and their first U.S. Passport.

Donations will also be allocated to support organizational growth, and a DP sponsored Cultural Exchange trip for DLDP Alumni to Europe in Summer 2024.****

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Programa de Desarrollo de Líderes Diplomáticos y Becas para la Paz Global (DLDP). Conozca a nuestros compañeros actuales aquí.

Female College Students

Estudiar en el extranjero, asociaciones y más

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Pilot in Light Aircraft

Perspectiva diplomática 

Founded en 2019. Descubra cómo DP está cultivando la próxima generación de líderes diversos aquí.

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