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What's New with DP?!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Cohort 2 is back again!

We hosted our 3rd DLDP session for our high school students, focusing on Cultural Diplomacy on February 4th!

This was an amazing session led by our Program Coordinator, Toluwani. Our students were pumped to learn more about music and its ability to connect people across cultures.

Marveetes “4Keys” Brown (a record producer and engineer) spoke to our students regarding how music is a tool used to promote cultural diplomacy. All over the world people, groups and movements have created music with the intention to share messages and personal experiences with others. Brown shared how working with artists of different backgrounds has exposed him to various cultures and lifestyles. Ultimately, expanding his knowledge and diversifying his music portfolio.

Our students participated in a Cultural Diplomacy skills institute. They were asked to research and select one song that was created with the intention to spread a message or connect groups of people. This skill institute was done with the purpose of showing our students how music can be used to connect individuals across cultures and raise awareness of global challenges. It was great to hear what our students were able to find. As for their session gift, students were awarded a Duolingo subscription. They can select any language and learn at their own pace. Learning a new language opens the door to connecting with others and has the power to change one's world view. Through our sessions, we want to empower our students to become leaders and take advantage of global opportunities. At the end of the session our students were reminded of how much the world has to offer and what they can learn with just a computer.

If you want to get involved with Diplomatic Perspective, click HERE for more information.

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