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What's New with DP?!

Our 2nd Cohort is starting strong!

We hosted our 2nd DLDP session for our high school students, focusing on Digital Diplomacy on January 21st.

Django DeGree (Senior Vice President at Salesforce) spoke to our students about digital diplomacy and technology in relation to global careers in technology, the power of connecting people in the digital age and how innovation is quickly changing the global market.

In addition, students participated in a Digital Diplomacy Skills Institute. This was led by our Program Coordinator with the objective of exposing them to how they can use their leadership and innovation skills to get involved in Digital Diplomacy within their respective communities. Our students selected one current global issue and created an alternative action plan to solve the selected challenge. As for their session gift, students received an Amazon Alexa! Alexa is a powerful device created to connect individuals to the world with just a voice! We hope that our students take full advantage of having the world's knowledge in a tiny speaker.

As we all know, innovation is vital to the growing technology industry. Currently, 15% of high-salary positions require Microsoft Office skills (Redmond, 2013). DP is committed to setting students up with the skills to confidently engage with technology and compete in the job market through our Microsoft 365 certification. Our students are learning straight from the experts at Microsoft. Throughout the semester students will practice and put their creativity skills to the test by completing Microsoft 365 modules and connecting with their mentors. By the end of the semester, our students will receive their Microsoft 365 certification. With these credentials, our students will be set apart from their peers and be able to apply their skills in any career they decide to pursue.

We look forward to seeing what our students will create throughout this semester. Stay tuned for further DLDP Cohort 2 updates!

If you are interested in getting involved with Diplomatic Perspective, click HERE for more information!

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