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Co-Founder Ryanna Miller Makes Pioneering Strides

Co-Founder Ryanna Miller (pictured in the top row, far left) and CEO of Global Ties Alabama, Jacquelyn Shippe organized a 3-day virtual conference - REACH: HBCU Global Institute. The event brought approximately 400 students and faculty together from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Alabama between April 6-8, 2021. Key actors such as international exchange professionals and U.S. exchange alumni participated as well and provided various perspectives to the field of international relations.

Various sessions were led by CEOs, former U.S. and foreign Ambassadors, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Fulbright Program and Gilman Scholarship alumni, and many more. More than 30 speakers offered great insight into their international careers and backgrounds, while students were able to network and interact with engaging individuals. The conference held discussions on conflict resolution, music, medicine, mentorship, diplomacy, and other topics. It showed how many opportunities one can expose themselves to in the field and how there is no "one-size fits all" definition for international relations.

We at Diplomatic Perspective are very proud of our Co-Founder Ryanna and we look forward to hosting more events with our partner Global Ties Alabama. You can find a link to more details on the conference here.

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