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Official Partnership: Trama Textiles

We are thrilled to announce the official partnership between Diplomatic Perspective and Trama Textiles. Trama Textiles is a 100% worker-owned and worker-run organization in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, also known as Xela. Trama's mission is to create work for fair wages for the women of Guatemala, to support their families and communities, and to preserve and develop Mayan cultural traditions by maintaining the textile arts and their histories. Trama works directly with 400 women from 17 weaving cooperations across 6 regions in the western highlands of Guatemala: Sololá, Huehuetenango, Sacatepéquez, Quetzaltenango and Quiché.

Trama Textiles was formed in 1988 after some of the most devastating years of the Guatemalan civil war. During the conflict, many of the men from the communities that now make up Trama disappeared or were killed, meaning that their wives and daughters were left without a household income. Many of the women also suffered violence themselves. Mayan weaving is traditionally a women's activity, so the women in these communities decided to unite and use their skills as weavers to support themselves and their families. This is how Trama was born.

This partnership will allow for participants of Diplomatic Perspective to make an international impact.

Staff will be able to create opportunities building a bridge for economic opportunities to students and professionals within the United States and in Guatemala.

Volunteers will have a reach larger international reach impacting the lives of thousands.

Students will have the opportunity for hands on learning, networking, and real-world work experience with an international NGO.

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  • Donate – we are accepting donations to support the Diplomatic Leaders Development Program for diverse students, scholarships, internships, fellowships, and other mission-based needs

  • Volunteer – we are looking for volunteers to support organizational needs including high school mentors, business administration support, and more

  • Contact us – if you have questions, inquiries, or concerns


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