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Diplomatic Leaders Development Program

The Diplomatic Leaders Development Program (DLDP) is a 6-month program geared towards developing high school students within the Washington, DC area into global citizens through cultural sessions, skills institutes, and international projects. Every month each student will participate in educational and engaging sessions, develop a global network, and receive the opportunity to have a global experience virtually. Industry leaders will teach the students about skill sets that can be applied across industries anywhere around the globe.


Program Theme: Building an Interconnected World Through Digital Diplomacy

This year’s program theme is “Building an Interconnected World Through Digital Diplomacy”, sponsored by AFCEA NOVA. Digital diplomacy is described as the use of the internet and various social media tools to carry out diplomatic objects. It also implies expanding diplomatic practice from government-to-government communication to public diplomacy that allows for reaching both domestic and foreign publics (IGI-Global, 2023). In correlation to learning about Digital Diplomacy, each week student’s will learn the nine Skills of Diplomacy, as provided by Department of State, to be applied through a hands-on skills institute.


Digital Collaboration and Productivity in Action

In addition to learning diplomacy skills, each student will be receiving support from Microsoft employees to obtain their MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification, demonstrating their digital collaboration and productivity skills, which are useful for the remainder of high school onwards throughout their careers.

What do students receive from the program?

At the end of the program, the selected students will receive a Diplomatic Leader certification, an invaluable cultural experience, a network of students and industry leaders, hands-on global work experience, and a voucher to apply for their passport!

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Thank You AFCEA NOVA For Sponsoring Cohort II

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