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The Black Passport Project™ 


"Diplomatic Perspective created The Black Passport Project ™ which targets majority black schools and communities including HBCUs. My life was positively impacted by my studying abroad experience. We are excited to provide a project with strategy and actions that ensure people of color have access, equity, and are included within our interconnected world. Success is measured by increased participation of historically disadvantaged communities in public, cultural, and citizen diplomacy."


President & CEO, Diplomatic Perspective

Our Goal is to Provide 1 Million Black Students with U.S. Passports.

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For centuries, black people living in America have been subjected to various levels of Travel Segregation. Without the ease of access, communities of color have been directly impacted economically, educationally, socially. Due to this, interstate travel, international travel, and  study abroad for Black Americans has histrocally been less than other citizens. 

As an organization, we envision equipping 1 million black American students with passports.

1. High School: 6-month program for 11th and 12th-grade high school students Diplomatic Leader Development Program (DLDP)

2. HBCUs: U.S. Department of State Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund Project and now Diplomatic Perspective Program, REACH: HBCU Global Institute.

3. Community Passport Drives

About The Black Passport Project™ .

Through 3 main programs, black students, their families, and predominantly Black communities will be provided U.S. Passports by Diplomatic Perspective FREE of charge. The price of a U.S. Passport is currently $135 if over the age of 16. Since, the U.S. Passport lasts 10 years, we encourage those who have graduated from our the DLDP program, particiapted in REACH: HBCU Global, or attened a community passport drive, to explore our world. 



District of Columbia Public Schools and Diplomatic Perspective enter into an official MOU. Students from Ward 7 and Ward 8 DC High schools complete the DLDP program and receive their first U.S. Passports.


The Black Passport Project™  expands to students attending Prince George's County Public Schools. Cohort 3 of the DLDP program ramps up. 

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